Latest liberal lawsuit claims “Trump is violating women’s rights”


California has wasted no time filing a lawsuit against President Trump and his administration, claiming that they are now discriminating against women because he rescinded the Obama-era mandate that REQUIRES employers to pay for birth control in their healthcare plans.

According to the Los Angelas Times,

The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco says the new rules jeopardize the Affordable Care Act requirement that employers provide coverage of birth control for employees with no out-of-pocket costs, according to state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra, who filed the lawsuit seeking to block the change.

“Therefore, millions of women in California may be left without access to contraceptives and counseling and the state will be shouldering the additional fiscal and administrative burden as women seek access for this coverage through state-funded programs,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit also alleges the rule changes violate the 1st Amendment’s Establishment Clause because they allow employers to use religious beliefs as a right to discriminate against employees to deny them a federally entitled health benefit.

“Donald Trump wants businesses and corporations to control family planning decisions rather than a woman in consultation with her doctor,” Becerra said in a statement Friday. “These anti-women’s health regulations prove once again that the Trump Administration is willing to trample on people’s rights.”

The irony of this though… is that Becerra like 99.9% of liberals, who’s filed more than two dozen lawsuits against the Trump administration since he has taken office, fails to acknowledge how limited the HHS decisions really is; it does not end the Obama mandate as his suit alleges, it simply allows more employers the right to “opt out” of the ACA birth control mandate on the basis of religious or moral objections.

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the decision only affects

About 10 percent of large nonprofits with more than 1,000 employees — mostly faith-based hospital systems and universities — sought the religious accommodation in 2015, according to Kaiser Family Foundation data.

Some religious organizations have long opposed the contraceptive mandate, arguing that certain forms of birth control go against their beliefs about abortion.

BUT some democrat leaders in California are making unfounded claims that this is an all-out attack on women’s rights.

“The Trump administration has no business putting employers in the position of preventing women from accessing contraceptives,” said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones in a statement. “It’s not too long ago that women were asked routinely in job interviews if they used contraceptives and when they planned to have children — we will not go back to those days.”

Since Trump has taken office, he has done everything he possible can to make America Great again, he’s trying to get taxes under control, he’s gone after Obamacare, he’s doing everything he can to make good on the promises he made to those who voted for him.  According to a Breitbart News Analysis of the ruling, Trump is fulfilling a promise to restore religious liberty to employers and organizations who’d been forced to provide contraceptions over their moral and religious objections:

According to officials, the rule will nevertheless leave free contraception in place for the vast majority of women since the new rule only covers moral and religious objections.

Trump has made it clear that “we will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore,” Trump also said “We will never ever stand for religious discrimination,

“No American should be forced to choose between the dictates of the federal government and the tenets of their faith,” Trump added.


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