South Dakota Advances Constitutional Carry Bill


PIERRE — Legislation allowing people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in South Dakota, also called “Constitutional carry,” passed another hurdle on Monday morning. 

The House State Affairs Committee gave Senate Bill 47 its blessing in a 10-3 vote after hearing 90 minutes of testimony about the measure. The bill now moves to the House floor for a vote. It has already passed in the Senate. Gov. Kristi Noem said she supports permit-less carry, but will consider the bill’s language before supporting it.

I’m talking about constitutional carry, which is the Holy Grail for state carry laws. Once a state has constitutional carry, also called “permitless carry,” then they start to resemble the kind of place our Founding Fathers envisioned when it came to firearms. The phrase “shall not be infringed” doesn’t and has never meant “get a permit.”

In South Dakota, that ideal condition is one step closer.

The South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association, as well as two sheriffs, testified on Monday that although they don’t oppose permit-less concealed carry, they would rather it apply to only South Dakota residents. House Bill 1112, which would limit permit-less concealed carry to South Dakota residents only, was introduced in the House on Friday and has yet to be scheduled for a hearing.


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